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Example projects

Here are some projects which use Arrow and follow the design guidelines. The purpose is showcasing these techiques in bigger applications; docs require small examples for comprehension, but sometimes they don't give the full picture that one of these complete applications can.

Real World

Real World is a blogging platform that has been purposedly created to highlights the possibilities of each language and ecosystem. The linked implementation uses:

Functional Quiz

Service to create an answer quizzes, written in a functional style. Apart from Arrow, this project uses:


Implementation of the game using functional event sourcing. The accompanying blog post is part of a series that covers both domain modelling and event sourcing.

Weather App

Small weather forecast application built with Compose Multiplatform Desktop.

GitHub Alerts

This application manages subscriptions to GitHub repository events, and turns them into Slack messages. It is architected as a series of microservices which communicate using Apache Kafka message queues, by means of kotlin-kafka and Avro4k.

The same project is available using two different sets of technologies.