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Concurrency primitives

These types are not usually found in application code, but provide essential foundation blocks for larger patterns. They are also helpful during testing to simulate synchronization between different systems.


The Arrow Fx library is Multiplatform-ready, so you can use it in all of your KMP projects. In most cases, the API provided by Arrow Fx follows the one for similar concepts in the JVM.

Structured concurrency

One key topic to understand concurrency in Kotlin is Structured Concurrency. The official coroutines guide goes into quite some length to explain how coroutines should behave, especially in the events of exceptions and cancellations. Most of this complexity is hidden away when you use Arrow Fx high-level operations.


The separate arrow-atomic library provides Multiplatform-ready atomic references. In particular, their getAndSet, getAndUpdate, and compareAndSet operations are guaranteed to happen atomically; there's no possibility of two computations performing these operations and getting an inconsistent state at the end.

Atomic primitive types

You should not use generic Atomic references with primitive types like Int or Boolean, as they break in unexpected ways in Kotlin Native. Instead, use the provided AtomicInt, AtomicBoolean, and so forth.


CountDownLatch allows for awaiting a given number of countdown signals.


This type models the behavior of java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch.


A CyclicBarrier is a synchronization mechanism that allows a set of coroutines to wait for each other to reach a certain point before continuing execution. It is called cyclic because it can be reused after all coroutines have reached the barrier and been released.

To use a CyclicBarrier, each coroutine must call the await method on the barrier object, which will cause the coroutine to suspend until the required number of coroutines have reached the barrier. Once all coroutines have reached the barrier, they resume execution.


This type models the behavior of java.util.concurrent.CyclicBarrier.