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SuspendApp with Kafka

When streaming records from Kafka we need to commit (acknowledge) the offset of the records we've processed. The official recommendation for doing this is committing offsets in batches, so we typically don't send the commit event to Kafka for every processed record. Instead, we commit the offset every 5 seconds (or every x records, 5s is default).

Imagine the application getting stopped after 4,5 seconds, either by Ctrl+C or K8S or another type of containerization. We could've processed thousands, or tens of thousands of events. If we don't commit these offsets before shutting down we'd have to re-process all the events.

We can easily prevent this with SuspendApp, and kotlin-kafka or reactor-kafka. Both these high-level Kafka libraries guarantee committing offsets upon termination of the stream, this includes cancellation! In the example below, all calls to acknowledge will be committed to Kafka before the SuspendApp terminates when receiving SIGTERM or SIGINT.

import kotlinx.coroutines.flow.collect
import org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringDeserializer
import io.github.nomisRev.kafka.receiver.KafkaReceiver
import io.github.nomisRev.kafka.receiver.ReceiverSettings
import arrow.continuations.SuspendApp

fun main() = SuspendApp {
val settings: ReceiverSettings<Nothing, String> = ReceiverSettings(
bootstrapServers = bootstrapServers,
groupId = "group-id",
valueDeserializer = StringDeserializer()
.map { record ->
println("${record.key()} -> ${record.value()}")