Package arrow.meta


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ArrowMetaConfigurationKeys [jvm]
object ArrowMetaConfigurationKeys
CLI bootstrap service
CliPlugin [jvm]
typealias CliPlugin = Plugin<CompilerContext>
An Arrow Meta CliPlugin is a named function that given a CompilerContext produces a List of ExtensionPhase.
The following plugin named “Hello World” returns a single func extension phase that produces a transformation on the user tree.
In this simple plugin we are replacing all functions named helloWorld with a new function that prints “Hello ΛRROW Meta!” when invoked.
val Meta.helloWorld: CliPlugin get() =
“Hello World” {
namedFunction(this, { name == “helloWorld” }) { c -> // <– namedFunction(…) {…}
replacing = c,
newDeclaration = “””
fun helloWorld(): Unit =
println(“Hello ΛRROW Meta!”)
func is part of the arrow.meta.quotes.Quote DSL, a high level DSL built for tree transformations. While most use cases can be covered by the Quote DSL you can also subscribe to the low level compiler phases such as Configuration, Analysis, Resolution and Code generation with the Arrow Meta Compiler DSL arrow.meta.dsl.
Meta [jvm]
interface Meta : ComponentRegistrar, MetaPluginSyntax, InternalRegistry
Meta is the core entry point and impl of Arrow Meta in terms of its registration system and interface with the Kotlin Compiler
MetaCliProcessor [jvm]
abstract class MetaCliProcessor(metaPluginId: String) : CommandLineProcessor
Plugin [jvm]
data class Plugin<A>(name: String, meta: A.() -> List<ExtensionPhase>)


Name Summary
invoke [jvm]
operator fun String.invoke(phases: CompilerContext.() -> List<ExtensionPhase>): CliPlugin
Enables syntactic sugar for plugin creation via: “pluginId” { meta(

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