class MetaFileViewProvider(psiManager: PsiManager, virtualFile: VirtualFile, transformation: (Document?) -> Document?) : SingleRootFileViewProvider

Provides interception access to the internals of a VirtualFile allowing to replace its Document


MetaFileViewProvider [jvm]
fun MetaFileViewProvider(psiManager: PsiManager, virtualFile: VirtualFile, transformation: (Document?) -> Document?)


Name Summary
beforeContentsSynchronized [jvm]
open override fun beforeContentsSynchronized()
changeUserMap [jvm]
open fun changeUserMap(@NotNullp0: @NotNullKeyFMap, @NotNullp1: @NotNullKeyFMap): Boolean
clearUserData [jvm]
open fun clearUserData()
clone [jvm]
open override fun clone(): FileViewProvider
contentsSynchronized [jvm]
open override fun contentsSynchronized()
copyCopyableDataTo [jvm]
open fun copyCopyableDataTo(@NotNullp0: @NotNullUserDataHolderBase)
copyUserDataTo [jvm]
open fun copyUserDataTo(@NotNullp0: @NotNullUserDataHolderBase)
createCopy [jvm]
open override fun createCopy(@NotNullp0: @NotNullVirtualFile): @NotNullSingleRootFileViewProvider
createFile [jvm]
open fun createFile(@NotNullp0: @NotNullLanguage): @NullablePsiFile?
open fun createFile(@NotNullp0: @NotNullProject, @NotNullp1: @NotNullVirtualFile, @NotNullp2: @NotNullFileType): @NullablePsiFile?
open fun createFile(@NotNullp0: @NotNullVirtualFile, @NotNullp1: @NotNullFileType, @NotNullp2: @NotNullLanguage): @NotNullPsiFile
findElementAt [jvm]
open override fun findElementAt(p0: Int): PsiElement?
open override fun findElementAt(p0: Int, @NotNullp1: @NotNullLanguage): PsiElement?
open override fun findElementAt(p0: Int, @NotNullp1: @NotNullClass<out Language>): PsiElement?
findReferenceAt [jvm]
open override fun findReferenceAt(p0: Int): PsiReference?
open override fun findReferenceAt(p0: Int, @NotNullp1: @NotNullLanguage): @NullablePsiReference?
forceCachedPsi [jvm]
fun forceCachedPsi(@NotNullp0: @NotNullPsiFile)
getAllFiles [jvm]
open override fun getAllFiles(): @NotNullMutableList<PsiFile>
getBaseLanguage [jvm]
open override fun getBaseLanguage(): @NotNullLanguage
getCachedPsi [jvm]
override fun getCachedPsi(@NotNullp0: @NotNullLanguage): PsiFile
getCachedPsiFiles [jvm]
override fun getCachedPsiFiles(): @NotNullMutableList<PsiFile>
getContents [jvm]
open override fun getContents(): @NotNullCharSequence
getCopyableUserData [jvm]
open fun <T : Any> getCopyableUserData(@NotNullp0: @NotNullKey<T>): T
getDocument [jvm]
open override fun getDocument(): Document?
getFilePsiLock [jvm]
open fun getFilePsiLock(): @NotNullPsiLock
getFileType [jvm]
override fun getFileType(): @NotNullFileType
getKnownTreeRoots [jvm]
override fun getKnownTreeRoots(): @NotNullMutableList<FileElement>
getLanguages [jvm]
open override fun getLanguages(): @NotNullMutableSet<Language>
getManager [jvm]
override fun getManager(): @NotNullPsiManagerEx
getModificationStamp [jvm]
open override fun getModificationStamp(): Long
getPsi [jvm]
override fun getPsi(@NotNullp0: @NotNullLanguage): @NullablePsiFile?
getPsiInner [jvm]
open override fun getPsiInner(@NotNullp0: @NotNullLanguage): @NullablePsiFile?
getStubBindingRoot [jvm]
open override fun getStubBindingRoot(): @NotNullPsiFile
getUserData [jvm]
open override fun <T : Any> getUserData(@NotNullp0: @NotNullKey<T>): T?
getUserDataString [jvm]
open fun getUserDataString(): String
getUserMap [jvm]
open fun getUserMap(): @NotNullKeyFMap
getVirtualFile [jvm]
open override fun getVirtualFile(): @NotNullVirtualFile
hasLanguage [jvm]
open fun hasLanguage(@NotNullp0: @NotNullLanguage): Boolean
isEventSystemEnabled [jvm]
open override fun isEventSystemEnabled(): Boolean
isIgnored [jvm]
fun isIgnored(): Boolean
isPhysical [jvm]
open override fun isPhysical(): Boolean
isUserDataEmpty [jvm]
open fun isUserDataEmpty(): Boolean
markInvalidated [jvm]
fun markInvalidated()
markPossiblyInvalidated [jvm]
fun markPossiblyInvalidated()
onContentReload [jvm]
fun onContentReload()
putCopyableUserData [jvm]
open fun <T : Any> putCopyableUserData(@NotNullp0: @NotNullKey<T>, p1: T)
putUserData [jvm]
open override fun <T : Any> putUserData(@NotNullp0: @NotNullKey<T>, @Nullablep1: @NullableT?)
putUserDataIfAbsent [jvm]
open override fun <T : Any> putUserDataIfAbsent(@NotNullp0: @NotNullKey<T>, @NotNullp1: @NotNullT): @NotNullT
registerAsCopy [jvm]
fun registerAsCopy(@NotNullp0: @NotNullAbstractFileViewProvider)
replace [jvm]
open override fun <T : Any> replace(@NotNullp0: @NotNullKey<T>, @Nullablep1: @NullableT?, @Nullablep2: @NullableT?): Boolean
rootChanged [jvm]
open override fun rootChanged(@NotNullp0: @NotNullPsiFile)
setUserMap [jvm]
open fun setUserMap(@NotNullp0: @NotNullKeyFMap)
shouldCreatePsi [jvm]
open fun shouldCreatePsi(): Boolean
supportsIncrementalReparse [jvm]
open override fun supportsIncrementalReparse(@NotNullp0: @NotNullLanguage): Boolean
toString [jvm]
open override fun toString(): @NonNlsString


Name Summary
transformation [jvm]
val transformation: (Document?) -> Document?

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