open fun analysis(doAnalysis: CompilerContext.(project: Project, module: ModuleDescriptor, projectContext: ProjectContext, files: Collection<KtFile>, bindingTrace: BindingTrace, componentProvider: ComponentProvider) -> AnalysisResult?, analysisCompleted: CompilerContext.(project: Project, module: ModuleDescriptor, bindingTrace: BindingTrace, files: Collection<KtFile>) -> AnalysisResult? = Noop.nullable5()): AnalysisHandler

The analysis function allows us to intercept analysis before and after it happens, altering the analysis inputs and outputs. Altering the inputs on @doAnalysis allows us to modify the compiler trees in the AST before they are considered for resolution. This allows us to build the Quote in this phase, which is Arrow Meta’s higher level API. Altering the output with analysisCompleted allows us to modify the binding trace and all elements resulting from analysis.

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