interface ConfigSyntax

Allows to indicate the necessary configuration to run a compilation.

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Name Summary
addArguments [jvm]
open fun addArguments(vararg element: String): Config
Adds the necessary arguments to run the compilation.
addCommandLineProcessors [jvm]
open fun addCommandLineProcessors(vararg element: CommandLineProcessor): Config
Adds command line processors for the compiler plugins.
addCompilerPlugins [jvm]
open fun addCompilerPlugins(vararg element: CompilerPlugin): Config
Adds the compiler plugins to run the compilation.
addDependencies [jvm]
open fun addDependencies(vararg element: Dependency): Config
Adds the necessary dependencies to run the compilation.
addMetaPlugins [jvm]
open fun addMetaPlugins(vararg element: Meta): Config
Adds the Meta Plugins to run the compilation.
addPluginOptions [jvm]
open fun addPluginOptions(vararg element: PluginOption): Config
Adds options for the compiler plugins.
addSymbolProcessors [jvm]
open fun addSymbolProcessors(vararg element: SymbolProcessorProvider): Config
Adds KSP symbol processors.
analysisLib [jvm]
open fun analysisLib(currentVersion: String?): Dependency
plus [jvm]
open operator fun Config.plus(other: Config): List<Config>
Allows to combine Config.


Name Summary
emptyConfig [jvm]
abstract val emptyConfig: Config
metaDependencies [jvm]
open val metaDependencies: List<Config>
Simplifies the configuration with a default configuration: Arrow Meta Compiler Plugin + Arrow as a dependency.



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