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interface Promise<A>

When made, a Promise is empty. Until it is fulfilled, which can only happen once.

A Promise is commonly used to provide and receive a value from 2 different threads, since Promise can only be completed once unlike ConcurrentVar we can consider it a synchronization primitive.

Let’s say we wanted to await a Fiber, we could complete a Promise latch to signal it finished. Awaiting the latch Promise will now prevent main from finishing early.

import arrow.fx.coroutines.*

suspend fun main(): Unit {
  val await = Promise<Unit>()

  ForkConnected {
    println("Fiber starting up!")
    println("Fiber finished!")

  await.get() // Suspend until fiber finishes


AlreadyFulfilled object AlreadyFulfilled


complete Completes, or fulfills, the promise with the specified value A. Returns Promise.AlreadyFulfilled in Either.Left if the promise is already fulfilled.abstract suspend fun complete(a: A): Either<AlreadyFulfilled, Unit>
get Get or throw the promised value, use attempt when throwing is not required. Suspends until the promised value is available.abstract suspend fun get(): A
tryGet Try get the promised value, it returns null if promise is not fulfilled yet. Returns A if promise is fulfilled.abstract suspend fun tryGet(): A?

Companion Object Functions

invoke suspend operator fun <A> invoke(): Promise<A>
unsafe fun <A> unsafe(): Promise<A>

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