sealed class State

The initial state when initializing a CircuitBreaker is Closed.

The available states are:

  • Closed in case tasks are allowed to go through

  • Open in case the circuit breaker is active and rejects incoming tasks

  • HalfOpen in case a reset attempt was triggered and it is waiting for the result in order to evolve in Closed, or back to Open


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class Closed(val failures: Int) : CircuitBreaker.State

Closed is the normal state of the CircuitBreaker, where requests are being made. The state in which CircuitBreaker starts. - When an exceptions occurs it increments the failure counter - A successful request will reset the failure counter to zero - When the failure counter reaches the maxFailures threshold, the breaker is tripped into the Open state

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class HalfOpen : CircuitBreaker.State

The CircuitBreaker is in HalfOpen state while it's allowing a test request to go through.

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class Open : CircuitBreaker.State

When the CircuitBreaker is in the Open state it will short-circuit/fail-fast all requests - All requests short-circuit/fail-fast with ExecutionRejected - If a request is made after the configured resetTimeout passes, the CircuitBreaker is tripped into the a HalfOpen state, allowing one request to go through as a test.


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