common class Open : CircuitBreaker.State

When the CircuitBreaker is in the Open state it will short-circuit/fail-fast all requests - All requests short-circuit/fail-fast with ExecutionRejected - If a request is made after the configured resetTimeout passes, the CircuitBreaker is tripped into the a HalfOpen state, allowing one request to go through as a test.



startedAt is the timestamp in milliseconds since the epoch when the transition to Open happened.
resetTimeoutNanos is the current resetTimeout that is applied to this Open state, to be multiplied by the exponential backoff factor for the next transition from HalfOpen to Open.


Open common fun Open(startedAt: Long, resetTimeoutNanos: Double)


Name Summary
equals common open operator override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean
hashCode common open override fun hashCode(): Int
toString common open override fun toString(): String


Name Summary
expiresAt common val expiresAt: Long
The timestamp in milliseconds since the epoch, specifying when the Open state is to transition to HalfOpen.
resetTimeoutNanos common val resetTimeoutNanos: Double
startedAt common val startedAt: Long

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