arrow-effects-rx2-data / arrow.effects.rx2 / arrow.Kind

Extensions for arrow.Kind

fix fun <A> FlowableKOf<A>.fix(): FlowableK<A>
fun <A> MaybeKOf<A>.fix(): MaybeK<A>
fun <A> ObservableKOf<A>.fix(): ObservableK<A>
fun <A> SingleKOf<A>.fix(): SingleK<A>
sequence fun <A, G> FlowableKOf<Kind<G, A>>.sequence(GA: Applicative<G>): Kind<G, FlowableK<A>>
fun <A, G> ObservableKOf<Kind<G, A>>.sequence(GA: Applicative<G>): Kind<G, ObservableK<A>>
unsafeRunAsync fun <A> SingleKOf<A>.unsafeRunAsync(cb: (Either<Throwable, A>) -> Unit): Unit
Runs the SingleK asynchronously and then runs the cb. Catches all errors that may be thrown in await. Errors from cb will still throw as expected.
unsafeRunSync fun <A> SingleKOf<A>.unsafeRunSync(): A
Runs this SingleK with Single.blockingGet. Does not handle errors at all, rethrowing them if they happen.
value fun <A> FlowableKOf<A>.value(): Flowable<A>
fun <A> MaybeKOf<A>.value(): Maybe<A>
fun <A> ObservableKOf<A>.value(): Observable<A>
fun <A> SingleKOf<A>.value(): Single<A>