common object Companion


Name Summary
bothNel common
fun <A, B> bothNel(a: A, b: B): IorNel<A, B>
fromNullables common
fun <A, B> fromNullables(a: A?, b: B?): Ior<A, B>?
Create an Ior from two nullables if at least one of them is defined.
leftNel common
fun <A, B> leftNel(a: A): IorNel<A, B>
lift common
fun <A, B, C> lift(f: (B) -> C): (Ior<A, B>) -> Ior<A, C>
Lifts a function (B) -> C to the Ior structure returning a polymorphic function that can be applied over all Ior values in the shape of Ior
fun <A, B, C, D> lift(fa: (A) -> C, fb: (B) -> D): (Ior<A, B>) -> Ior<C, D>

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