common data class Now<out A>(val value: A) : Eval<A>

Construct an eager Eval instance. In some sense it is equivalent to using a val.

This type should be used when an A value is already in hand, or when the computation to produce an A value is pure and very fast.


Now common fun <out A> Now(value: A)


Name Summary
Companion common object Companion


Name Summary
coflatMap common inline fun <B> coflatMap(crossinline f: (Eval<A>) -> B): Eval<B>
flatMap common fun <B> flatMap(f: (A) -> Eval<B>): Eval<B>
map common inline fun <B> map(crossinline f: (A) -> B): Eval<B>
memoize common open override fun memoize(): Eval<A>
toString common open override fun toString(): String
value common open override fun value(): A


Name Summary
value common val value: A

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