common object Companion


Name Summary
catch common
@JvmName(name = “tryCatch”)
inline fun <R> catch(f: () -> R): Either<Throwable, R>
@JvmName(name = “tryCatch”)
inline fun <L, R> catch(fe: (Throwable) -> L, f: () -> R): Either<L, R>
catchAndFlatten common
@JvmName(name = “tryCatchAndFlatten”)
inline fun <R> catchAndFlatten(f: () -> Either<Throwable, R>): Either<Throwable, R>
conditionally common
inline fun <L, R> conditionally(test: Boolean, ifFalse: () -> L, ifTrue: () -> R): Either<L, R>
Will create an Either from the result of evaluating the first parameter using the functions provided on second and third parameters. Second parameter represents function for creating an Left in case of a false result of evaluation and third parameter will be used to create a Right in case of a true result.
fromNullable common
fun <A> fromNullable(a: A?): Either<Unit, A>
lift common
fun <A, B, C> lift(f: (B) -> C): (Either<A, B>) -> Either<A, C>
Lifts a function (B) -> C to the Either structure returning a polymorphic function that can be applied over all Either values in the shape of Either
fun <A, B, C, D> lift(fa: (A) -> C, fb: (B) -> D): (Either<A, B>) -> Either<C, D>
resolve common
inline fun <E, A, B> resolve(f: () -> Either<E, A>, success: (A) -> Either<Throwable, B>, error: (E) -> Either<Throwable, B>, throwable: (throwable: Throwable) -> Either<Throwable, B>, unrecoverableState: (throwable: Throwable) -> Either<Throwable, Unit>): B
The resolve function can resolve any suspended function that yields an Either into one type of value.

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