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Dequeue Provides the ability to dequeue chunks of elements from a Queue as streams.interface ~~Dequeue~~<A>
Dequeue1 Provides the ability to dequeue individual elements from a Queue.interface ~~Dequeue1~~<A>
Enqueue Provides the ability to enqueue elements to a Queue.interface ~~Enqueue~~<A>
NoneTerminatedQueue interface ~~NoneTerminatedQueue~~<A> : Enqueue<Option<A>>, Dequeue1<Option<A>>, Dequeue<A>
Queue A queue of elements. Operations are all nonblocking in their implementations, but may be ‘semantically’ blocking. For instance, a queue may have a bound on its size, in which case enqueuing may block (be delayed asynchronously) until there is an offsetting dequeue.interface ~~Queue~~<A> : Enqueue<A>, Dequeue1<A>, Dequeue<A>
Signal Pure holder of a single value of type A that can be read in the effect F.interface ~~Signal~~<A>
SignallingAtomic Pure holder of a single atomic value of type A that can be both read and updated. Composes Signal and Atomic together to make an signalling atomic value.class ~~SignallingAtomic~~<A> : Atomic<A>, Signal<A>
Topic Asynchronous Topic.class ~~Topic~~<A>

Extensions for External Classes



interrupt fun <O> Signal<Boolean>.interrupt(stream: Stream<O>): Stream<O>

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