Projects & Examples

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arrow/ΛNK: Compile time docs verification for Kotlin

xenomachina/kessel: A simple parser combinator library for Kotlin

47deg/helios: A purely functional JSON library for Kotlin built on Λrrow

47deg/kollect: Simple & Efficient data access for Kotlin

Sefford/kor: A clean architecture implementation

lenguyenthanh/RxArrow: A collection of RxJava extensions for Arrow’s Data Types

sksamuel/avro4k: Avro format for kotlinx.serialization that has support for Arrow’s data types

sksamuel/hoplite: A purely functional config library in the vein of Scala’s pureconfig built on Arrow.


Guardiola31337/uiagesturegen: UI Automator Gesture Generation DSL

JorgeCastilloPrz/ArrowAndroidSamples: Android architecture samples using Arrow

dcampogiani/AndroidFunctionalValidation: Simple form validation using Arrow

raulh82vlc/FunctionalKotlin: Functional Kotlin with Arrow (project done for Android)

Karumi/KataLogInLogOutKotlin: Android development kata used to practice unit testing with test doubles in Kotlin also using Arrow.


istonikula/realworld-api: A spring 5 project

Karumi/play-framework-kotlin: A Play Framework project using Kotlin and Arrow.

josdirksen/arrow-flux: This project contains a sample service using Spring WebFlux as the web framework, Arrow to add some functional components, and uses a reactive mongoDB driver to make the complete flow reactive.

Katas and exercises

pedrovgs/KotlinKatas: Kotlin training repository used to learn Kotlin and Functional Programming by solving some common katas just using purely functional programming powered by Arrow.

arrow-kt/frdomain.kt: Arrow port of the additional code samples (Chapter 6) from Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling.

adomokos/kotlin-sandbox: Using kotlintest to demonstrate various features of Arrow.

Kompute: Kotlin Compiler plugin bringing reactivity to variable declarations.

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