The sum of two Comonads is also a Comonad.

A Sum is a data structure that holds two Comonads and a flag for selecting which one is “active”.

A common pattern used when building user interfaces is showing two tabs and allowing the user to change between them. We can achieve this behavior with Sum.

For creating a Sum, we need two comonadic datatypes in which the extract result type is the same. We will also need an initial side—by default it is Left.

import arrow.ui.*

val counterStore = Store(0) { "Counter value: $it" }
val nameStore = Store("Cotel") { "Hey $it!" }

val sum = Sum(counterStore, nameStore)
sum.extract(Store.comonad(), Store.comonad())
// Counter value: 0

We can change the active side with changeSide.

sum.changeSide(Sum.Side.Right).extract(Store.comonad(), Store.comonad())
// Hey Cotel!

As Sum is also a Comonad, we have access to coflatmap and map for changing the extract result.

val overriddenSum = sum.coflatmap(Store.comonad(), Store.comonad()) {
  when (it.side) {
    is Sum.Side.Left -> "Current side is Left"
    is Sum.Side.Right -> "Current side is Right"

overriddenSum.extract(Store.comonad(), Store.comonad())
// Current side is Left

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