where allows filtering data from any given data source providing a predicate function of the shape (A) -> Boolean. Whenever true is returned from an expression affecting one of the items in the data source the item is collected and included in the selection.

where over List

import arrow.aql.extensions.list.select.*
import arrow.aql.extensions.list.where.*
import arrow.aql.extensions.listk.select.select

data class Student(val name: String, val age: Int)

val john = Student("John", 30)
val jane = Student("Jane", 32)
val jack = Student("Jack", 32)

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
val result: List<String> =
  listOf(john, jane, jack).query {
    select { name } where { age > 20 }

where works with any data type that provides an instance of FunctorFilter<F> where F is the higher kinded representation of the data type. For example ForOption when targeting the Option<A> data type or ForListK when targeting the List<A> data type

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Supported Data types

Module Data types
arrow.core ListK, Option, SequenceK

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