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Package arrow.fx.typeclasses


Async interface Async<F> : MonadDefer<F>
AsyncContinuation open class AsyncContinuation<F, A> : MonadThrowContinuation<F, A>, Async<F>, AsyncSyntax<F>
AsyncFx interface AsyncFx<F> : MonadThrowFx<F>
AsyncSyntax interface AsyncSyntax<F> : MonadThrowSyntax<F>, Async<F>
Bracket interface Bracket<F, E> : MonadError<F, E>
CancelToken typealias CancelToken<F> = Kind<F, Unit>
Concurrent interface Concurrent<F> : Async<F>
ConcurrentContinuation open class ConcurrentContinuation<F, A> : AsyncContinuation<F, A>, Concurrent<F>, ConcurrentSyntax<F>
ConcurrentEffect interface ConcurrentEffect<F> : Effect<F>
ConcurrentFx interface ConcurrentFx<F> : AsyncFx<F>
ConcurrentSyntax interface ConcurrentSyntax<F> : Concurrent<F>, AsyncSyntax<F>
Dispatchers interface Dispatchers<F>
Disposable typealias Disposable = () -> Unit
Duration data class Duration
Effect interface Effect<F> : Async<F>
Environment interface Environment<F>
ExitCase sealed class ExitCase<out E>
Fiber Fiber represents the pure result of an Async data type being started concurrently and that can be either joined or cancelled.interface Fiber<F, out A> : FiberOf<F, A>
MonadDefer interface MonadDefer<F> : MonadThrow<F>, Bracket<F, Throwable>
MonadIO interface MonadIO<M> : Monad<M>
Proc An asynchronous computation that might fail.typealias Proc<A> = ((Either<Throwable, A>) -> Unit) -> Unit
ProcF A asynchronous computation that might fail.typealias ProcF<F, A> = ((Either<Throwable, A>) -> Unit) -> Kind<F, Unit>
UnsafeCancellableRun interface UnsafeCancellableRun<F> : UnsafeRun<F>
UnsafeRun interface UnsafeRun<F>

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