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interface Monoid<A> : Semigroup<A>, MonoidOf<A>


combineAll Combine an Collection of A fun Collection<A>.combineAll(): A
Combine an array of A fun combineAll(elems: List<A>): A
empty A zero value for this Aabstract fun empty(): A

Extension Functions

altFold fun <T, F, A> Kind<T, A>.altFold(AF: Alternative<F>, FT: Foldable<T>): Kind<F, A>
altSum fun <T, F, A> Kind<T, Kind<F, A>>.altSum(AF: Alternative<F>, FT: Foldable<T>): Kind<F, A>
fix fun <A> MonoidOf<A>.fix(): Monoid<A>
reflect The inverse of <F, A> Kind<<ERROR CLASS>, Tuple2<Kind<F, A>, A>>.reflect(ML: MonadLogic<F>): Kind<F, A>

Type Class Hierarchy

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