arrow-core-data / arrow.typeclasses / MonadThrowContinuation


open class MonadThrowContinuation<F, A> : MonadContinuation<F, A>, MonadThrow<F>, MonadThrowSyntax<F>


<init> MonadThrowContinuation(ME: MonadThrow<F>, context: CoroutineContext = EmptyCoroutineContext)


context open val context: CoroutineContext
fx Entry point for monad bindings which enables for comprehensions. The underlying implementation is based on coroutines. A coroutine is initiated and suspended inside MonadThrowContinuation yielding to Monad.flatMap. Once all the flatMap binds are completed, the underlying monad is returned from the act of executing the val fx: MonadThrowFx<F>


resumeWithException open fun resumeWithException(exception: Throwable): Unit

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