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interface Bifunctor<F>

Bifunctor has the same properties of Functor, but acting onto two types, instead of one.

It can be used to map both of its inside types.


bimap Maps both types of Kind2.abstract fun <A, B, C, D> Kind2<F, A, B>.bimap(fl: (A) -> C, fr: (B) -> D): Kind2<F, C, D>
leftFunctor Returns a Functor acting on the type of the left fun <X> leftFunctor(): Functor<Conested<F, X>>
leftWiden open fun <AA, B, A : AA> Kind2<F, A, B>.leftWiden(): Kind2<F, AA, B>
lift Lifts two functions to the Bifunctor fun <A, B, C, D> lift(fl: (A) -> C, fr: (B) -> D): (Kind2<F, A, B>) -> Kind2<F, C, D>
mapLeft Map the left side type of Kind2open fun <A, B, C> Kind2<F, A, B>.mapLeft(f: (A) -> C): Kind2<F, C, B>
rightFunctor Returns a Functor acting on the type of the right fun <X> rightFunctor(): Functor<Kind<F, X>>


Bicrosswalk interface Bicrosswalk<T> : Bifunctor<T>, Bifoldable<T>
Bitraverse interface Bitraverse<F> : Bifunctor<F>, Bifoldable<F>

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