arrow-core-data / arrow.typeclasses / Applicative


interface Applicative<F> : Apply<F>


just abstract fun <A> just(a: A): Kind<F, A>
open fun <A> A.just(dummy: Unit = Unit): Kind<F, A>
map Transform the F wrapped value A into B preserving the F structure Kind<F, A> -> Kind<F, B>open fun <A, B> Kind<F, A>.map(f: (A) -> B): Kind<F, B>
replicate open fun <A> Kind<F, A>.replicate(n: Int): Kind<F, List<A>>
open fun <A> Kind<F, A>.replicate(n: Int, MA: Monoid<A>): Kind<F, A>
unit open fun unit(): Kind<F, Unit>


Alternative interface Alternative<F> : Applicative<F>, MonoidK<F>
ApplicativeError interface ApplicativeError<F, E> : Applicative<F>
Selective interface Selective<F> : Applicative<F>

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