arrow-core-data / arrow.typeclasses.suspended / BindSyntax


interface BindSyntax<F>

All possible approaches to running Kind in the context of Fx

fx {
  val one = just(1).bind() // using bind
  val (two) = just(one + 1) // using destructuring
  val three = !just(two + 1) // yelling at it


bind abstract suspend fun <A> Kind<F, A>.bind(): A
component1 open suspend operator fun <A> Kind<F, A>.~~component1~~(): A
not open suspend operator fun <A> Kind<F, A>.not(): A


MonadContinuation open class MonadContinuation<F, A> : Continuation<Kind<F, A>>, Monad<F>, BindSyntax<F>, MonadSyntax<F>
MonadSyntax interface MonadSyntax<F> : Monad<F>, BindSyntax<F>

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