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A selection of external links to some of the content created by maintainers and users.

Functional Programming in Kotlin with Arrow

A rundown of all the features included in the library.

Lambda World, Cadiz, Nov ‘17 - version 0.3.11

Kotlin for the Pragmatic Functionalist

An introduction to Arrow and the enhancements it brings to Kotlin’s standard library.

KotlinConf, San Francisco, Nov ‘17 - version 0.3.11

Architectures Using Functional Programming Concepts

Introductory talk to Functional architectures to be built on top of Arrow.

KotlinConf, San Francisco, Nov ‘17 - version 0.3.11

Building a DSL… in Kotlin

Make DSLs stack safe, composable and reusable under different runtime requirements thanks to Arrow.

droidconSF, San Francisco, Nov ‘17 - version 0.3.11

Functional approach to Android architecture using Kotlin

Move side effects to the edges of the system, implement a functional oriented architecture for Android apps based on purity.

Mobilization 7, Łódź, Oct ‘17 - version 0.3.11

Functional Programming in Kotlin

An ongoing blog series introducing Functional Programming architectures from scratch

Kotlin Functional Programming: Does it make sense?

Kotlin Functional Programming I: Monad Stack

Kotlin Functional Programming II: Monad Transformers

Happy Path: Kotlin + Actors + Arrow

@javipacheco creates a Proof of Concept architecture for Android using the Actor pattern and modelling the domain with Either.

Happy Path: Kotlin + Actors + Arrow

Handling exceptions in Arrow

@uris77 explains how to use Try in real world examples.

Handling Kotlin Exceptions with Arrow – A Functional Approach

Optics and Type Classes in Arrow

@msya explains how to use various optics and type classes in Arrow. He discusses optics such as Lens and Iso. He also goes over the purpose for type classes and how KEEP-87 will make it easier to implement them.

Kotlin Brooklyn Meetup, Jan ’18 - version 0.6.1

Functional Programming with Arrow

Android Functional Validation

@dcampogiani explores some data types in Arrow and uses them to validate a form on Android.

Dec ’17 - kategory version 0.3.11